Going Viral

Published on 2 April 2020 at 23:28

A Word of Encouragement

In the light of what is happening globally with the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak, I felt like throwing some cooling agent in some people's overheated tanks.

I say this with utmost compassion for those who have lost loved ones to this microbial infestation. And I am truly feeling your pain and understand the fear it evokes in most people's hearts right now.


I live in the Netherlands now and have been witness to fearful looks at the slightest cough or sneeze, disillusioned stares, and sometimes outright inconsiderate behavior (that I know is coming from a place of desperation) from some people.


Others are living their lives as if nothing is happening, crowding the parks in numbers that could represent a greater spread of infection.

Listen, this is not me trying to point a finger to anyone saying you're wrong in behaving this way. Believe it or not, I fully understand how scared everyone is, or on the other hand, how invincible some of us think we are. Heck, I'm one of those who do not want to live in fear of this thing either!

All I want to do is encourage people reading this, to think and consider if it is necessary to live in extremes.





Hamstering in the stores has caused a bit of concern for the elderly who cannot always get to the stores in time to do their shopping. They are often also alone and have no help. They are also the most vulnerable in this case. So here is a more friendly request than the one I left on my social media feeds:

Please consider the elderly. Take what you need an come back to get more in a few days time.

And why is everyone sooooo concerned with having bales and bales of toilet paper stashed up somewhere anyway?! I know we are, for the lack of a better term, on 'lock down' at this point, where we are told to not leave our homes as much as possible.

But there is enough of everything for everyone. Leave some food for the elderly so they can keep their strength up.

So people raid the stores, yet crowd the parks. This is truly a huge face palm moment.




The bottom line that everyone needs to understand is that we can at least exercise a measure of control over this thing by building of immunity in certain groups of people. These groups are people that are generally younger than 65, and exclude those who already have serious health issues. We are on lock down because it limits the amount of people having contact with each other. Especially those who have the sniffles, are asked to stay home and out of physical reach of others as much as possible.

We need to educate ourselves in how viruses spread and how it can be, to some measure, contained to aid in protecting the vulnerable.


I understand that it has been a long winter and everyone is fed up with the cold and dark. But just because the sun is making it's appearance again, doesn't mean we should abandon all reason to crowd parks and other public spaces. Avoiding big groups of people and staying at a safe distance from at least a meter to a meter and a half from each other is key.

Let me encourage those who haven't read the regulations or maybe don't have a grip on them yet, to please follow this link to the RIVM's website here to check out what measures we need to take.


We do not have to live in fear, but we should use discretion.


Peace. E