I am a beat maker, vocalist and songwriter. I've been on the music scene for the past almost 20 years colab'ing, performing and producing.


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I have always seen music as a powerful tool to inspire change. Whether that change is personal, societal or global in whatever way or form. As long as it's positive.

Do you know what's changed regarding this in the last few years I've been away from the music scene? Absolutely nothing!


One thing that has changed though, is my strategy. The new 'ish' I'm spending my time crafting, will either be 100 percent without a price tag or the proceeds will go to a charitable cause close to my heart. Hey, I've done my time, working my shins raw on stages all over the globe, trying to make a living by doing things the traditional way in the music industry. Charging per track or album on various platforms to earn my keep, but all that has changed now.


From now on, I make music purely for what it was meant to be for me, from the beginning:

Change. In the mind of a soul somewhere who might need to hear it.

Inspiration. So someone can feel inspired to do something about their situation. Maybe to get a new perspective. No matter what that might be.

Encouragement. To keep pushing forward in the light of discouraging global events, or personal circumstances.

For the Love. Because it's my passion.


And for YOU!


This is why my Future releases will either be for Free streaming. Free downloading or in support of a charitable cause.


Spread it like wildfire! And maybe if you share it, someone else will put that shiny gem in their ear, reminding them when they press play, that hope exists in a world full of darkness.


Peace. E