Capetonian born hip hop emcee and producer EJ von LYRIK releases her brand new single titled "PAY THE PIPER" on 1 July 2021.


After taking a three year sabbatical from releasing her solo material, she comes back now with a powerful hip hop soul track that still embodies

her belief that music is a tool that can be used for social change.


The lyrics in "Pay the Piper" speaks of the power you have as an individual to change your circumstances. It is centered around the idea that

we are beings that have free will and that we can exercise it to our benefit and turn a bleak situation, no matter how negative,

to our advantage and release ourselves from the emotional and psychological chains it is associated with.


If one word can be used to describe "Pay the Piper", it is EMPOWERING.

From the fast paced,  gunshot delivery and seamless flow of EJ's rap verses, to the full bodied emotion in the melodic parts of this song, even to

the dynamic energy and solidity of the beat, it is clear that after such a long stay from the music scene,

EJ von LYRIK has just matured like good wine.


This is definitely a musical treat for those who have followed her since the beginning of her hip hop career and know what to expect from

this truly gifted artist.


Pay the Piper will be available for streaming on Soundcloud and the official music video on YouTube.


Click here below to play the Music Video on YouTube or to stream the Track on Soundcloud.

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